Hot street food, free swing jazz band & Mother’s Day gifts this Sunday!


Join us on March 8th for free live jazz music, hot street food, kids’ crafts plus oodles of Mother’s Day gift ideas!


This year we’re aiming to provide free live music at each market and to make March special we are lucky enough to have swing jazz band Marmalade Swing playing for us at lunchtime. Watch Emmy, Dave and Paul in action and then come along and see them in person  – for free!

food fiesta

Spring might be in the air but it’s still nippy, so wrap up warm and head down to Green Park this Sunday for a feast of delicious hot and local food, from wood-fired pizza to fresh pasta to veggie curries, raw chocolate, cakes and bakes, hot sandwiches, gluten-free goodies, preserves…we’re hungry just thinking about it!

awardwinningAll our traders are of an exceptional high quality and we’re proud as punch that our chai makers, Henny and Joe’s just won Best New Business at the Bath Life Awards. They’re rumoured to be bringing the award on Sunday – come and congratulate them on the main square – and taste their award-winning product of course!

PLUSHave a look at our Pinterest page for more Mother’s Day gift ideas

Luke-HPsst…Don’t miss Our resident TV star Luke from The Stencil Shed is joining us again this Sunday and as luck would have it, the episode of Shed of the Year that he first appeared in is being repeated on Channel 4 at 12pm that day. So come and see him before or after and ask him all about his new fame and fortune. Read all about him on our previous blog post too!

Our June student stall: Bath Spa Photography Students

May was a busy month for Bath’s students, with most of them revising and handing in coursework for exams. But by June they are released into the big wide world, just like Bath Spa’s third year photography students who are joining us on the 9th.  They’ll be selling their work to raise money for their graduate show in London and will be the first students from Bath to have a show there, which is a great opportunity for them to network and be introduced to the photography world at large. Here’s more about them:
1. Who are you and what will you be doing at the Bath Artisan Market on June 9th?

We’re ten final year students studying BA Photography and Digital Media at Bath Spa University. We’ll be selling photographic prints that we’ve produced throughout our degree to raise funds for our graduate show in London in July.


2. Why is the graduate show so important?

The majority of the art universities in the UK hold graduate shows in London to highlight the final year students’ work to potential employers. This is done every year. The shows are promoted through the press and it is a way for the students to get noticed.
This will be the first year our course will be holding a London show, as we are the first year to graduate from the course, so we want to introduce the course in the best way possible and need funds to make it happen.
3. What do you hope to do when you ‘grow up’?

As a group we are all different in our aspirations after we finish our degrees, some will venture into further education, many will start out in the photographic world, with internships and photographic assistants, with the hope of one day becoming well-known, either as a commercial photographer or being seen in galleries around the world.



4. What are your favourite things to do in Bath (apart from visiting the Bath Artisan Market)?

Vintage markets at Bath racecourse, picnics at the Royal Crescent in the sun, film screenings at the Little Theatre and visiting art galleries.

5. What are you looking forward to the most about our market on June 9th?

Having the opportunity to showcase our work, and sell to the public. Raising enough money to put on an outstanding show in London.

Come and find Stephanie Fogg, Simon Collington, Marc Le Galle, Adam Reid, Chennel Wright, Rachel Forester-Bennett, Holly Hayes, Joshua Michael, Aimie Desoisa and Lucy McLeod on the walkway in June. Buy one of their prints to help them create a brilliant graduate show in London – you never know, the next Rankin or Annie Leibowitz could be among them!

These Bath Spa University Photograpy students will raise money for their graduate show at BAM on June 9th
These Bath Spa University Photograpy students will raise money for their graduate show at BAM on June 9th



May’s Student Stallholder – Kiss Me Katie

With May 12th just around the corner we’re delighted to share a little bit about the winner of our free student stall this month – Kathryn (Kate) Roberts from Kiss Me Katie bespoke designed collars.

Handmade collars by Kiss Me Katie
Kate Roberts makes handmade collars to accessorise outfits with.

Here’s a little about her in her own words.

Bath Spa Fashion Student Kate Roberts
Bath Spa Fashion student Kate Roberts who is behind Kiss Me Katie collars.

“I make mostly detachable collars which are unique and handmade by me. They are designed to wear with your existing clothes so you can transform your look when you feel like it. I started the business to help me fund my degree and learn a little bit about business. I go to Bath Spa Uni and am in my second year of fashion design and am currently leaning towards a degree in couture fashion or bespoke tailoring, although what I want to do in the future changes on a weekly basis! I’m really looking forward to meeting like-minded creative people at the Bath Artisan Market on May 12th.”

Handmade collars by Kiss Me Katie
Handmade collars by Kiss Me Katie

Find out more about Kiss Me Katie on Facebook and come and meet her May 12th at the Bath Artisan Market near the coffee box.


What happened in April, what’s on in May!

April’s Make Do and Mend Day! was on one of those surprise weekends when the sun actually shines and everyone comes out to play! For those of us who’ve been at Green Park on the second Sunday of each month since last October, it was the first market when we didn’t have to wear thermals – the venue may be undercover but that doesn’t mean it’s warm when the sun don’t shine. From the moment we officially opened at 10am there was a steady stream of eager visitors shopping, browsing, getting involved in workshops, laughing, eating, chatting – happy days.


This month we were lucky enough to have the Happy Inkers with us, three Bath Spa Uni Art students who regularly work with Julian House UK, teaching their clients how to screenprint. On Sunday they were running free screenprinting for children which seemed to be an instant hit and ran a printwork exhibition in the foyer, raising money for Julian House. They also showed adults and kids how to print cotton bags for £5 a time, something which appeared on quite a few blogs afterwards. Have a look at some beautiful pictures of their stall here.

We were also really excited about our student stall of the month, run by the Night Knitters, who had a fabulously creative display of teacup birdfeeders, covered notebooks, knitted mug cosies and the like. These three ladies drew a crowd, thanks to their quirky, original pieces and have a big future ahead of them. I think the key to their success was that their stall looked attractive but not over-fussy, with a few choice props (vintage typewriter and sewing machine) and products placed at different heights to make it look inviting enough to want to go and have a rummage through. This kind of display looks thrown-together enough not to make customers scared to come and touch and feel, but doesn’t look scruffy or uncared for – it’s an art. Of course this technique is not necessarily appropriate for every kind of stall, but I think it is successful for vintage and handmade sellers with smaller, varied pieces. What do you think?

Our student stall of the month, The Night Knitters

Naturally, the rest of our sellers are of a very high standard too and we are delighted to have a great number of artists and skilled artisans among us, in addition to inspired home crafters, who never cease to come up with unusual, thought-provoking, pretty and practical ideas. Have a look out for original designs and illustrations on lampshades, aprons, bags, cards and so on – we really are the place to pick up something unique that you know has been created with love and skill and with a large amount of time spent on it too, much of it that never gets repaid financially.

There are a couple of other highlights I should also mention. The first was the workshop run by The Big Mend’s Scrapiana, a much-celebrated textile blogger and workshop tutor who holds free, monthly get-togethers in Bath and Bradford-on-Avon for people wanting to come and mend things and swap skills – darning, sewing on buttons, repairing zips, whatever. You don’t have to be a great sewer to get involved – it’s a bit like knit-and-natter but for needlework. I was so pleased that people came to the market especially to find it and now I hear many of them are going to join the monthly meet-ups. That is what the Bath Artisan Market is about – meeting people and sharing skills, experience and ideas, as well as shopping. And we want to create a fun, friendly, inspirational atmosphere too.

The Big Mend workshop table
The Big Mend workshop table

Secondly, we were delighted to have Jen Gale with us who is spending the whole year without buying anything new. She is writing a blog about her experience – My Make Do and Mend Year – but is also starting an “Upcycle Exchange” which we are talking to her about being a regular feature of the market as it involves recycling and affordability.  Take her any of your unwanted craft materials for her to sell on – the twist is that her customers twill hen pay what they want. So if you come to the market and get inspired, mosey over to the pizza place near the Green Park Brasserie – she’s just beside it – and have a little look through her treasures.

Upcycle Exchange
Upcycle Exchange

And so, with April over, it’s time to focus on May, where we are focussing on flowers and all things planty. We’ve teamed up with Bath in Bloom who will be running gardening demos, teaching kids to plant, giving garden advice and judging a kids’ garden-in-a-seedtray competition. Find all details here. We’re asking all stallholders to bring flowers and wear them too to turn the heart of the city into a floral paradise. So if you’re coming along, why not join in and wear some too. Look forward to seeing you there!







Our first free stall for students – introducing The Night Knitters! April 14th 2013

Every month we give one stall away to students and this month it’s the turn of the fabulous Night Knitters – Fiona, Alice and Amy from the Bath School of Art and Design. Here’s a little bit about them in their own words.

Come and see our first free student stall and support a new business
Come and see our first free student stall and support a new business
While we’re not busy doing uni work, we’re rummaging through charity shops, and are always on the hunt for ideas and inspiration for our online shop, ‘Night Knitters’. We are self taught knitters (the name ‘Night Knitters’ came from teaching ourselves to knit one evening) but also sew, print and photograph, all of which help our shop to grow.

We are lucky enough to be studying at Bath School of Art and Design, and find the antique shops, music venues, and small, independent art galleries around Bath and Bristol so exciting, and keeps our ideas fresh and original.
They keep coming up with original ideas
They keep coming up with original ideas
We sell homemade goodies, including covered notebooks, earrings, mug jumpers, cafetiere cosies, knitted bunting and lots more. 
Covered Notebooks by Night Knitters
Covered Notebooks by Night Knitters
Amy has inventive and original ideas when it comes to illustration and image making, and has developed a distinctive style through her Graphic Communication course. 

Fiona is our leading lady when it comes to knitting. She studies Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors and is always inventing new ideas for Night Knitters.

Alice studies Fine Art and Textiles, which gives her a range of mediums to work with.

Buttons by Alice
Buttons by Alice
Our online shop address is , we can also be found on facebook, and on twitter @nightknitters