Free Lego Party September 13th and October 11th!

We’re never happier than when we find a new entertainment we can offer kids, so we were really excited to meet Mike Sawyer of Brick Party, whose son Damien regularly trades with us as graphic illustration company, Flab Design.

Brick party logo

Mike had been collecting Lego for years but decided to share his passion with today’s youngsters earlier this year, when he launched Brick Party.  We are delighted that he is running FREE parties at our markets on September 13th and October 11th 2015 when he’ll be bringing along A LOT of Lego and letting imaginations run wild and will even hand out prizes for those he is particularly impressed with. Come and find him (and his Lego) on the main floor between 11am-3pm.

[Update: Our September 13th party was so successful that Mike was busy building Lego with kids all day – see below for the evidence!]

Our successful September Lego party!
Our successful September Lego party!



If you enjoy the party at the market and want to book your own, ring or email Mike to check availability. Once the party is confirmed with us you should then proceed to book the venue, usually a school or church hall or he can come to you if you have enough space. He’ll arrive 30 minutes before the party starts and then lead the event for an hour, leaving plenty of time for food and of course the all important birthday cake.

Prizes for Lego creations
Prizes for Lego creations

The most popular parties are:

  1. Racing Cars – After starting with a few games to get the fingers warmed up we get to build our race cars and race them down the ramp to find the champion.
  2. Spaceships -Who can build the best spaceship? Use your imagination to make magical creations to take the astronauts out to the depths of space.

Parties cost £145.00 for up to 10 children, maximum 20 children

For more information come to the Bath Artisan Market on September 13th and October 11th between 11am-3pm or visit the Brick Party website.