Free hooping workshops on June 9th by our resident experts, Innerspiral!

Sara & Paul Ellis Reid are Innerspiral, our resident fibre-artists who are also hula-hooping experts (and they sell them at the market too). On June 9th we’re lucky enough to have them teaching THREE FREE hooping workshops in the foyer. Read on to find our more about them from Sara, along with details of how to join in the hooping!

Sara from Innerspiral, hooping - she can teach you too

“As fibre artists, Paul and I create a range of natural wool based hats, clothes and accessories using a combination of hand spinning, felt making and crochet techniques. As hoop dancers we hand make and tape dance hoops for adults and children. We run workshops in our fibre arts as well as workshops and parties with our hoops; we also run a walkabout entertainment hoop party workshop at festivals and events with our distinctive colourful push cart. Famous customers? Brian Froud of Dark Crystal fame bought a felted pixie hood from us last year at Faery Fest! We’ve been featured in Juno magazine recently and we are currently leading wool supplier, Wingham Wool’s, “Featured Artist”.

Innerspiral's hoopsPaul from Innerspiral

We’re regulars at the Bath Artisan Market, It’s got a really buzzing vibe and a great eclectic selection of wares, including clothes, accessories and decor, vintage, handmade, and good food. Every month is different with exciting new events and entertainment happening so we always look forward to it! This month (June 9th) we are teaching customers how to hula-hoop for free, come and find us at our stall which is on the corner of the square as you enter from the foyer. The classes are at 11am, 2pm and 3pm –first come, first served so come and put your name down. Great for kids or adults!”

Innerspirals' Hooping Cart

For more info about fibre art or hoop dance go to or


Our June student stall: Bath Spa Photography Students

May was a busy month for Bath’s students, with most of them revising and handing in coursework for exams. But by June they are released into the big wide world, just like Bath Spa’s third year photography students who are joining us on the 9th.  They’ll be selling their work to raise money for their graduate show in London and will be the first students from Bath to have a show there, which is a great opportunity for them to network and be introduced to the photography world at large. Here’s more about them:
1. Who are you and what will you be doing at the Bath Artisan Market on June 9th?

We’re ten final year students studying BA Photography and Digital Media at Bath Spa University. We’ll be selling photographic prints that we’ve produced throughout our degree to raise funds for our graduate show in London in July.


2. Why is the graduate show so important?

The majority of the art universities in the UK hold graduate shows in London to highlight the final year students’ work to potential employers. This is done every year. The shows are promoted through the press and it is a way for the students to get noticed.
This will be the first year our course will be holding a London show, as we are the first year to graduate from the course, so we want to introduce the course in the best way possible and need funds to make it happen.
3. What do you hope to do when you ‘grow up’?

As a group we are all different in our aspirations after we finish our degrees, some will venture into further education, many will start out in the photographic world, with internships and photographic assistants, with the hope of one day becoming well-known, either as a commercial photographer or being seen in galleries around the world.



4. What are your favourite things to do in Bath (apart from visiting the Bath Artisan Market)?

Vintage markets at Bath racecourse, picnics at the Royal Crescent in the sun, film screenings at the Little Theatre and visiting art galleries.

5. What are you looking forward to the most about our market on June 9th?

Having the opportunity to showcase our work, and sell to the public. Raising enough money to put on an outstanding show in London.

Come and find Stephanie Fogg, Simon Collington, Marc Le Galle, Adam Reid, Chennel Wright, Rachel Forester-Bennett, Holly Hayes, Joshua Michael, Aimie Desoisa and Lucy McLeod on the walkway in June. Buy one of their prints to help them create a brilliant graduate show in London – you never know, the next Rankin or Annie Leibowitz could be among them!

These Bath Spa University Photograpy students will raise money for their graduate show at BAM on June 9th
These Bath Spa University Photograpy students will raise money for their graduate show at BAM on June 9th